Dave Desmelik

Date: Saturday, Sep 22nd 2018
Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Genre: Americana
Cost: No Cover
Website: Listen

Dave Desmelik has established himself as an accomplished and rising singer/songwriter whose music might best be described as Americana or Alt/Country. Drawing upon influences from country to bluegrass to blues to rock and roll, Desmelik writes and performs an original blend of songs. His seven independent albums, dating from 1999 to present, have garnered acclaim and positive reviews in various music communities around the world and he has toured extensively in support of his songs including numerous performances in the USA and UK. Focusing on lyrics, melody, instrumental and word phrasing, Desmelik mixes distinct ingredients into his songwriting as well as his live shows. Music critic Rein van den Berg (altcountryforum.nl) states “Desmelik’s music is honest, his are relevant questions, and he plays guitar viciously. This man carries with him the legacy of a dying breed.”