French Broad River Brewery

is one of the oldest breweries in the iconic beer town of Asheville, NC.  Our name is taken from the French Broad River which flows through the heart of the city.  Opened in 2001, our beer styles are steeped in European traditions including our Kolsch, Scotch Ale, ESB and Porter.  We have expanded our styles to include IPA and specialty Pale Ales.  In addition to our core lineup of beers, we are regularly producing seasonals and small batches.

Goldenrod Pilsner

This classic German Pilsner is a crisp, clean, refreshing beer that features noble German hops for bitterness accentuated by a light grainy malt character made from the finest German barley. It has a medium-light body and a high carbonation level.

abv ibu social
5.1% 25


  • Goldenrod Pilsner on tap

River Mist Hazy IPA

This Hazy IPA has a slightly hazy golden body and a juicy citrus bouquet. It is whirlpool hopped with Cascade and Lemon Drop hops and dry hopped with a healthy amount of Cascade and Amarillo giving it a noticeably aromatic finish that is enhanced by notes of  tart grapefruit, lemon and herbs.

abv ibu social
7.0% 35


  • River Mist Hazy IPA on tap

Midnight Paddle Black IPA

Midnight Paddle Black IPA is dark in color with a refreshingly light body. It has robust notes of citrus fruits, which are perfectly balanced by the mild roasted flavor from the de-bittered black malts. Brewed with pale and black malts hopped with Amarillo and Citra.

abv ibu social
6.1 20


  • Midnight Paddle Black IPA on tap

Redmon Session IPA

The Redmon session IPA is a light bodied session with an ever changing hop profile. This ale’s fruity bouquet is derived from large dry hop and whirlpool additions.

abv ibu social
4.8 0


  • Redmon Session IPA on tap
  • Redmon Session IPA 12oz cans

Upstream Specialty IPA

Our specialty IPA has a malt bill that includes, pale malt, rye and a variety of Munich malts. The Upstream has a Amarillo forward hop profile.

abv ibu social
6% 55


  • Upstream Specialty IPA on tap
  • Upstream Specialty IPA 22oz bottles

Wee Heavy-er Scotch Ale

Our Scottish ale has a malty backbone of Maris Otter and roasted barley and is lightly hopped with Perle and Golding hops.

abv ibu social
7% 24


  • Wee Heavy-er Scotch Ale on tap
  • Wee Heavy-er Scotch Ale 22oz bottles
  • Wee Heavy-er Scotch Ale 12oz cans

Gateway Kolsch

A light German ale style. Our Kolsch sticks strictly to the style guidelines. Gateway is brewed with Pilsner and wheat malts. Our hops are a blend of German noble varieties and the beer is fermented with a Kolsch yeast stain.

abv ibu social
5.3% 32.3


  • Gateway Kolsch on tap
  • Gateway Kolsch 22oz bottles
  • Gateway Kolsch 12oz cans

Frog Horn IPA

Our IPA has a malt blend of pale malt and crystal malts which help to balance out the hop bill for a easy drinking experience. Our IPA uses a variety of west coast hops in the kettle as well as the dry hop but its main flavor is the Centennial hop.

abv ibu social
6.5% 64


  • Frog Horn IPA on tap
  • Frog Horn IPA 22oz bottles
  • Frog Horn IPA 12oz cans

Anvil Porter

Our Porter has all the traditional flavor notes of a porter but has a light balanced mouthfeel that makes it a great drinker year around. The malt bill is made up of English pale, several different varieties of French Munich and dark malts. The hop flavor consist of Fuggles and Northern Brewer.

abv ibu social
5.3% 34


  • Anvil Porter on tap
  • Anvil Porter 22oz bottles

13 Rebels ESB

Our ESB contains all the elements of a traditional ESB but is slightly hoppier than the style guidelines. We are using Maris Otter and crystal malts for the grain bill. The main hop for the ESB is East Kent Golding.

abv ibu social
5.2% 42


  • 13 Rebels ESB on tap
  • 13 Rebels ESB 22oz bottles
  • 13 Rebels ESB 12oz cans

Mocha Wee Heavy-er

This delicious seasonal take on our classic Wee Heavy-er Scottish Ale keeps the same smooth malt bill as the original. Along with the additions of Golding and Nobel hops the Mocha Heavy is aged on local dark roast coffee and Ecuadorian coco nibs.

abv ibu social
7.0 24


Brewed in November
  • Mocha Wee Heavy-er on tap


Based on the style of a traditional German Marzen, however we differ from the style guidelines by fermenting with a German ale yeast instead of a lager yeast strand. Our grain bill is a combination of a German Pilsner and dark Munich, along with flavor notes of wheat, chocolate, and crystal malts. Our hops incorporated in to the beer are German Noble hop varieties.

abv ibu social
6.0 38


Annually beginning in August through end of September
  • Zepptemberfest on tap

Uluru Pale Ale

Uluru Pale Ale- 5.3%ABV 51.5 IBUs. Uluru is a light bodied pale ale with a grain bill consisting mostly of American pale malt with the addition of some light crystal malts. It is complemented with a combination of Azaca, Mosaic and Galaxay hops that give the beer notes of tropical fruit and peach in the taste as well as in the aroma.

abv ibu social
5.9 51.5


Available Spring/Summer
  • Uluru Pale Ale on tap