Toys for Tots, and other Tidbits

Even though we can all agree that this year just started, like, two months ago, somehow tomorrow is the beginning of December. We suspect trickery. Some godly sleight of hand. Calendar-fraud. Congress did it. I don’t freaking know. Anyway. Sweet Baby J’s birthday is coming up, and that means the season is at hand. (Is that how people say it? Ah yes:) ‘TIS THE SEASON!

Arielle has bestrewed the Tasting Room with colorful festive lights and snowflakes. Even our bathroom is in on the act–yes, that bathroom. The guys brewed a dang ol’ RYEHOPPER this week, and in Tank 4 a powerful barleywine slumbers. So big things are in the works, y’all. Most importantly, in this season of fellowfeeling and bonhomie, let us remember the least fortunate among us, and bestow unto them toys.

Aaron’s installed a Toys for Tots box behind the bar and will be delivering the goods to the needy on Friday the 21st, which gives those of you who feel so inclined a solid three weeks to dispense some charity with one hand whilst receiving a tasty beverage in the other. Ashevillians, we exhort you!