Q: Who has 22 Thumbs and 7 Beers on Tap?

A: The guys and gals of the French Broad Brewery and Tasting Room, that’s who!

Q: Who has 22 thumbs and a brand new Brewgrass 2011 People’s Choice Award trophy?

A: That’s us again!

Q: Who has $8 growler refills all the week long and $7 refills on Wednesdays–oh, and 22 thumbs?

A: Must be the French Broad Brewery and Tasting Room!

Q: Isn’t it true that the trophy is a repurposed softball trophy with a 13 Rebels tap handle kind of wonkily affixed to the top?

A: Are we picking nits? We are not.

Q: Do you believe the IRS should levy a small tax on purchases of stock that are sold within a fixed time frame so as to encourage longer term investments and disincentivize speculation ?

A: Personally? Yes, I do. But I’m just “A”, and speak for no one else.

Q: Just A? C’mon, man. Don’t sell yourself short. You start, like, the entire alphabet. Even the word “alphabet” starts with you!

A: Hey, thanks. That really means a lot, coming from Q.

Q: (Pause) What are you doing later tonight?A: Are you kidding? It’s Tuesday and Arielle’s working the Tasting Room.

Q: Buy you a pint?

A: Not if I buy you one first!

Q: But how will we choose with so many options?

A: Who cares! They’re all so freaking good!

Q: You  insouciant thing, you!

A: Would you have me any other way?