Public Opinion Trends in the French Broad Brewery (Wednesday Edition)

The long-awaited results from the poll we put in the field yesterday are in. Gird yourself before reading on, folks: this data is hot, and it’s possible (I’d say likely) that many of you won’t see eye to eye with many of us. Here goes:

When asked, “Would you let your daughter marry an Oompaloompa?” 1 out of 1 French Broad employees answered, “Sure.”

When asked, “Would you let her marry one of those winged monkey creatures from ‘The Wizard of Oz’?” 1 out of 1 French Broad employees said, “It’s her decision.”

When asked, “Would you let your son marry a guy?”‘ fully 100% of the staff replied yes without hesitation. (Interestingly, when the question became, “Would you let your son marry a guy with slight hearing loss?”, there was total reversal.)

Her decision, Shannon? Really?

Her decision, Shannon? Really?

To the question, “Have you guys seen ‘Ben Hur’?” 2 out of 2 employees eventually answered yes. (Clarification was called for: one employee said, “Was Charlton Heston in that?”) Both respondents concurred that it’d “been so long” since they’d seen it, and both evinced surprise when informed that a man had died during the chariot racing scene.)

Uh, yeah. That's him, all right, Alex.

That’s him, all right, Alex.

Finally, in response to a question put in the field in an unscientific, seat-of-the-pants manner just prior to publication, Rainbow Road was universally declared the most reviled and difficult track in MarioKart.

No caption needed here, I think.

No caption needed here, I think.

As usual, this poll has a margin of error of +/- 0%. And as usual, please feel free to suggest questions in the comments section for the next poll.

Thanks everybody. And go team!