Nítrigin a dhéanann do Stout an-silky!

Because it is arguably in our best interests to appear sweatlessly professional in everything we do, I will just say that we’re tapping (AT 4 O’CLOCK TODAY) a keg of Imperial (nitrous) Stout and that it’s no big deal and stuff. The nitrogenated mouthfeel might make your head pop right off with a shock of rapture, but whatever. It’s nothing you wouldn’t have done for us if things were the other way around. And what the hey, it’s St. Patrick’s day weekend, so…

In all seriousness, this is the first time in the life of brewer Peter Batinski that one of his recipes has been tapped at a public drinking establishment. He seems duly impressed by the moment and I am too–and so should you be, Beer City residents, who’ve watched with satisfaction the critical massing of Asheville-style craft beer. It is doubly neat that this first coincides with the other first for us: the nitrogen effect. I had a drink yesterday thinking to myself, big whoop, and then I was like, What? The word tapioca comes to mind. Caviar. Wayne Newton singing “Tiny Bubbles”. Also this is a big, strapping, John Wayne in The Quiet Man kind of beer, with an ABV sitting at 9.5% and chocolate notes that might physically make you weep. And it’s black as ink and cold as sin. And there’s only about five gallons of it, y’all, so make haste.

Cask IPA with Columbus dry hops, too! Holy crap, so much beer! All you have to do is buy it!

Now here’s a picture of Dave Desmelik, who plays TONIGHT!

dave desmelik