Hopportunity knocks

Corny enough for you? I’ve also been tooling around town thinking about how explosive a Hoppenheimer Ale might be; just what shade of rose tint a cold glass of Hoptimism might lend your vantage; or, say, imagine a nice big mug of fiberHoptics, a means by which the slow-tech-inclined of you loosen your…creative energies. Wow, the universe of Dismal Pun really opens up when you lower the bar, doesn’t it? Well, we’re not lowering our bar, folks, not today: we’re elevating it with the addition of casked IPA.

The crafty grain-dishers of the French Broad have tweaked the dry hop recipe a skoosh for this choice firkin. Those beerded sommeliers among you will cry “Centennial!” and “Columbus!” after, with delight, you’ve plunged the first mouthful down your happy gullet. Recall, imbibers: this is the same IPA that bested the class and took home gold in this year’s Carolinas Championship of Beers. Only, these ten gallons aren’t for “the Carolinas”–they are for you, Asheville; they are for you, visitor; they are for you, the curious and thirsty, who happen in to our dark and cozy environs on a special day.  Nostrovia.

It’s beer week in Asheville! Which is close but not exactly the same thing as saying: it’s a week in Asheville! Come celebrate with us! Leigh Glass Thursday! Peggy Ratusz Friday! Tina and her Pony Saturday! Hip-hip, hooray! Hip-hip, hooray! Hip-hip!: