Cue Zepp

Because 201 years ago the Bavarian Prince (later King) Ludwig jumped the broom with Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen, why not swing on down to the French Broad Brewery and have a Zepptemberfest? I mean, why not? This beer is so freakin’ good, you will like it!

All kidding aside, another thing we learned from wikipedia today is that “Ludwig’s rule was strongly affected by his enthusiasm for the arts and women and by his overreaching royal assertiveness.” Doesn’t that sound like someone who really appreciated good beer? Is anybody else out there making a historical argument for why you should pay $3.50 for a pint of some of the best seasonal Oktoberfest beer in Asheville?

But seriously, folks, we know that some of you out there might be ringing at this very moment with reasonable objections like: “But French Broad Brewery, yours will not be so authentic an Oktoberfest experience considering the absence of ‘games of skittles’ and ‘trees to climb’! Nor are you likely to feature the ‘statue of Bavaria’ watching over the festivities!” While this is all true, rest assured, none of it matters in the least. A single taste will convince you.

“You Will Like It!”

“So Freakin’ Good!”

The gauntlet has been thrown!