Comings and goings

Our head brewer, Chris Richards, is moving on, and we’re going to miss him. In what is becoming a French Broad tradition, he got married after his last day at work, much the same as John Silver did. And, like John, Chris is moving on to a bigger brewery. We’re favored with a talented, dedicated staff, and our colleagues in the brewing industry obviously agree. We wish Chris every success.

And our head cellarman, Shannon Hammett, is also pulling up stakes. Shannon presided over a bigbigbig increase in outbound beer over the last few years, as French Broad pushed into new markets. This stuff’s heavy, and we have to get our kegs back, and things have to get cleaned, and, and, and. Shannon kept things moving, we’ll miss him, and we wish him luck.

We’ve lost two great folks, and we’re adding some great folks – more on that later.