Keep Asheville Droneless

Let’s be real with each other: this world is effed up, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any less effed. Very powerful people seem to have a stake in making sure things stay effed, and indeed appear at times to actively pursue effing stuff up for everyone else. Small collectives of effers bent on effing over those pretty much already thoroughly effed go to work every day to see to it that the effing continues unobstructed. There’s money in it, I suppose.

So whenever it gets to be a little more than you can handle, and you’d rather ride out the last fumes of an overheated engine with a cold beer than a newspaper: friends, retreat here. Like all good watering holes, the Tasting Room exists in a latitude apart from the hustle-bustle. It’s a lazy latitude. No one tries to eff you here. We just smile and say welcome and how are you. Then, if you want to vent? Go ahead. It’s kind of a free country.

At least until the drones get here.