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Game On

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Listen: French Broad IPA is now on tap at the Tasting Room and select locations throughout town. Bombers adorn–for so long as they last–the refrigerated shelves of myriad Ingles’.

Hops lovers, take note: weighing in at 7% A.B.V. and finished only after twelve hops additions, our new IPA is the biggest beer we make. What you get for our efforts is a smooth, fruity, West-Coast-inspired India Pale Ale, golden-copper in color, introduced with a floral nose and wishing you many joyous returns with notes of apricot and persimmon.

While Cascade, Centennial and Columbus comprise the bulk of the hops profile, those ill-inclined to the bitter aftertaste of the beer that drinks them will find a comforting friend in the new French Broad IPA. As ever, the stars Smooth and Drinkable guide us home. Join us for a pint!